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15 metre Sportcruiser

June 5, 2014 • admin

A proven all-weather winner. This spacious and comfortable leisure craft has 4 master cabins, sleeping 12 with space to spare. Entertainment areas are roomy, fitted with all the extras, and finished to the specific tastes of the discerning client. Compared to a monohull of the same length, this craft excels in various areas, giving ample… Finish Reading “15 metre Sportcruiser”

22 metre Ferry

July 6, 2012 • admin

This fibreglass catamaran provides optimal stability and low hull resistance, ensuring comfort even at speed and in unfavorable conditions. Six watertight compartments add to the safety factor assuring positive buoyancy even under flooding conditions. The main deck provides a 90m2 level area with seating, bar, galley, and other optional extras as per client specification. The… Finish Reading “22 metre Ferry”

36m High Speed Patrol Boat

September 6, 2011 • admin

Special Advantages: 1. The long centre hull can penetrate oncoming waves almost like a “wavepiercer” or a “SWATH” and determines the trim angle for maximum comfort of passengers and lowest stress on the structure. The bow foils can be adjusted automatically by computers without assistance from the pilot if a forward-facing sensor is used. 2.… Finish Reading “36m High Speed Patrol Boat”

15 metre Ferry

July 15, 2011 • admin

Developed for trips both inland and offshore, the Bobkat 15x range are ideal for medium distance ferrying. These versatile craft can be produced with the propulsion options of your choice: anything from petrol or diesel outboards to powerful diesel outdrives or jets capable of producing speeds in excess of 35 knots. This fibreglass catamaran provides… Finish Reading “15 metre Ferry”

8.6 metre Sportfisher

June 6, 2011 • admin

Designed to provide the serious fisherman with an exceptionally cost-effective, low-maintenance craft, the Makaira 8600 is a market leader in this category. The design, together with correct weight distribution, allows for non-broaching even in the heaviest following seas. The V6 outboard power option allows speeds in excess of 30 knots. Cost savings are significant compared… Finish Reading “8.6 metre Sportfisher”

20 metre Superfast Patrol Boat

April 22, 2011 • admin

The Bobkat 2013 has been developed as a specialised SUPERFAST catamaran. This patented twin stepped tunnel design is the latest state of the art member in the 40 ton Bobkat range. A combination of innovative catamaran design and advanced Hydro Supportive Foil technology – two South African inventions not available anywhere else – makes this… Finish Reading “20 metre Superfast Patrol Boat”

9 metre Sportfisher

August 20, 2010 • admin

Designed to provide optimal safety, stability and performance, the Bobkat 9150 is the ideal craft for the serious fisherman. The Bobkat 9150 was styled to the guidelines of the customer. This fibreglass catamaran provides optimal stability and low hull resistance. The unique tunnel steps create a two phase medium of water and air, dampening vertical… Finish Reading “9 metre Sportfisher”

22 metre Patrol Boat

May 6, 2010 • admin

This pursuit vessel is a versatile and economical high-speed paramilitary or air/sea rescue craft, featuring exceptional feats of stability, whilst permitting speeds in excess of 35 knots in conditions up to sea state 5. A low-profile superstructure provides 18m2 covered operational area including a wheelhouse with all-round vision, a 5,5m2 secure operations/radar room and a… Finish Reading “22 metre Patrol Boat”

25 metre Patrol Boats

September 23, 2009 • admin

Boatloft has a number of designs and many concepts ideally suited for high speed patrolling. Let us design the patrol craft suited for your needs. The patented Bobkat hull designs ensure the very best in performance. All our high speed craft undergo numerous model tests and trials before a prototype can be produced. Our 25m… Finish Reading “25 metre Patrol Boats”

10 metre Sportfisher

July 10, 2007 • admin

A versatile Boatloft design that sports ample workspace, roomy cabins, and great maneuverability without compromising on speed. Fitted according to customer specification, this craft has become a staunch favorite amongst the serious leisure fishermen who need to brave difficult sea conditions off the Cape.